Sunday, October 11, 2009

tired weekend~

hye guys~
weekend ni penat sgt..
started from friday..
kls pg until afternoon..
after cls continue on slide for fyp presentation..
at 5pm present slide kt supervisor.. smpai kul7..
then x blk bilik but straight g my friend's room.. coz kul 8 kene training boling..
abis training br g dinner.. around 12 br smpai bilik..

weekend ni gak klj ak wat open day..
cm thn2 sblm ni, name die FESTAR..
but this year they change the name to FIGURA..
mule igt cm mls nk join.. then dgr ade derma darah, g la join.. hehe~
so on saturday morning g derma darah..
its not my first time.. im happy dpt derma coz mmg lame nk derma but ade jer prob..
so bl dpt derma like best la.. hehe~
and the doc quite cute.. hehe~

after donate blood, g join computer game's competition..
3 games i played.. hehe~ sajer..
then the boss is my fren.. so main jela.. ;)

ptg tue ade game badminton..
my fren masuk.. pastu tah cmne tah nk join plak..
so main la beregu wit my fren.. hehe~
abis jer game, siap2 g kuar..
ala dekat jer.. jusco tmn u..
cari stuffs then dinner..
pastu blk la.. ;)

seriously, smpai blk jer mmg letih y amat!!!
yela 2 days non-stop..
tp rs satisfied giler.. :D

mmbe2 mrah gak nk main badminton ptg tue..
coz kn br jer donate blood that morning..
ptg tue mmg la ok.. juz xleh main straight game jer..
mlm nye stat la rs sakit cikit kt tmpt cucuk tue..

donate kt tgn kanan & im right-hand person..
main badminton tgn kanan.. sume tgn kanan..
mlm tue my rumate y tlg angkat brg..
coz my right hand mmg xleh nk angkat pe dah.. hehe~

but overall weekend mmg best..
plus dgn keje x wat nye.. hmmm xpe2..
after this continue struggle..
btw, wish me luck!!!
friday, 16 oct, my fyp proposal's presentation.. ;)


~l0li mell0w ~ said...

ktr de derma drh gak ker??
ish2..kalo den tau den gi ktr haha
kt krp tkde cute doc *as u mention kt ktr doc ye cute

oRcHiD said...

sehari jer.. ari sabtu..
ak pon xtau memula.. bdk2 ni y ckp..
tp ak g ehan n sorg bdk aras ak..
mmbe2 ak sume xnk derma..

aik~ da lain niat tue.. :P