Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bad day!!! >.<

hate today!!! huhu~

today i got back to utm.. huhu~
xde semangat tol nk blk utm..

yeah i feel tired..
org kate blk umh dok relax.. but i cant..
my atuk masuk hospital so i jd driver to my nenek..
bwk die ulang alik g hospital..
*im not complaining for that ok~!!!*

then bile duk umah i need to finish my web assignment..
yes it is a GROUP assignment..
but seems that im the only person in my group..!!!
huhu~ but can't blame them.. :((

da la smpai jer kat skudai, tgh hujan..
then my mom force me to naik teksi plus my frens sume xleh dtg amik..

then im NOT prepare for my final..
bz with all assgnment stuff, FYP stuff..

plz i need a break!!!!!!! >.<


aiko kato said...

saba eh elok2...u will miss study life one me...huhu~

ajoy87NF said...

Sian erk...
Blk kg xckp pun...

oRcHiD said...

nana : babe.. study of course la tense.. tp bkn tue y i geram sgt skrg.. huhu~

ajoy : da die x contact, nk bgtau cmne.. huhu~

ajoy87NF said...

ye la... i jer yg kna cnx u...

oRcHiD said...

ajoy : hehe~ mmg la.. :P