Sunday, October 4, 2009

raye2 plus shoping2.. :P

its kinda soooo long since my last post..
sori guys for not updating my blog..
im kinda bz plus feel lazy to update.. hehe~
there are so much things i want to share wit u guys..
but u know how i am when my 'lazy' time came.. :P

so i juz story what had happened today.. :)
we go beraye at around Tebrau..
heading to my rumate's sister house and we sesat.. hehe~
credit to my rumate coz she forgot already how to go to her sister's house.. :P

then after raye2 drop by at jusco tebrau..
its not a drop by act coz we kinda stay there bout 5hours.. haha~
the main reason wanna find some stuff and one of our friend never reach jusco tebrau yet..
so wanna show her how jusco tebrau is la.. *alasan jer lebih.. haha~*
then we started looking2 around..

suddently my mood shopping came~
and not only me but four of us!! haha~
i bought 2 shirts and 1 pant.. then some stuff..

we r like giler2 kat every shop we went.. thnx god the seller byk sabar.. hehe..
then dinner at secret recipe.. i ordered chicken bleu plus blended choc~
soooo yummy.. *da la sore throat, lagi mau mnum ais.. :P*

its was sooo fun.. coz like soooo long didnt hve fun like this..
after this there are sooooo much works to do!!!!
i feel tense when think bout it..
hopefully i can manage my time.. huhu~

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