Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

hello guys.. we meet again.. of course lol~ haha~

now at my room at my parent's house.. :P
juz got back from alamanda.. watch movie wit my dear faheem.. ;P

we watched Law Abiding Citizen..
its great.. of course because it have gerard butler.. hehe~
*the main reason why i wanna see that movie.. :P*

but the story is great..
except for the blood part.. uweeekkk~
but faheem is really enjoy that part.. huhu~

here the synopsis for the movie..
its bout a man who lost his family.. murdered by strangers..
then the court like take it easy..
they juz hukum 1 from 2 strangers tue..
so this guy balas dendam..
he kill everyone.. huhu~

its a great movie..
both act good.. gerard & jamie fox..
so you guys better go and watch this movie.. hehe~

oppss.. and thanx to faheem.. ;)

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