Saturday, October 31, 2009

He Just Not Into You

hye guys.. err i knw now it is 2:43am.. haha~
what am i doing at this hour?? hehe~

i juz finish watched movie title "He Just Not Into You"..
really love this movie..
it is sooo true..

those scene are mostly happen to us..
like assume that guy like u after 1st date..
married guy cheated his wife..
a couple who doesnt want to get married..
a guy who stick at the girl he likes but the girl NEVER EVER like him...

all those story are really2 true!!!

and the ending is what im hoping for.. hehe~
i love all the characters..
gosh.. u guys should watch this movie.. :D

Friday, October 30, 2009

help me!!!

plz sumbody help me!!!

opps sori..
ni name nye tgh giler.. huhu~
nk exam da isnin ni..
study pon blom lg.. dok bz ngn assignment jer..
ni da abis sume, xde mood nk study lak..

waaaaaa~ tulun.. :((

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bad day!!! >.<

hate today!!! huhu~

today i got back to utm.. huhu~
xde semangat tol nk blk utm..

yeah i feel tired..
org kate blk umh dok relax.. but i cant..
my atuk masuk hospital so i jd driver to my nenek..
bwk die ulang alik g hospital..
*im not complaining for that ok~!!!*

then bile duk umah i need to finish my web assignment..
yes it is a GROUP assignment..
but seems that im the only person in my group..!!!
huhu~ but can't blame them.. :((

da la smpai jer kat skudai, tgh hujan..
then my mom force me to naik teksi plus my frens sume xleh dtg amik..

then im NOT prepare for my final..
bz with all assgnment stuff, FYP stuff..

plz i need a break!!!!!!! >.<

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

hello guys.. we meet again.. of course lol~ haha~

now at my room at my parent's house.. :P
juz got back from alamanda.. watch movie wit my dear faheem.. ;P

we watched Law Abiding Citizen..
its great.. of course because it have gerard butler.. hehe~
*the main reason why i wanna see that movie.. :P*

but the story is great..
except for the blood part.. uweeekkk~
but faheem is really enjoy that part.. huhu~

here the synopsis for the movie..
its bout a man who lost his family.. murdered by strangers..
then the court like take it easy..
they juz hukum 1 from 2 strangers tue..
so this guy balas dendam..
he kill everyone.. huhu~

its a great movie..
both act good.. gerard & jamie fox..
so you guys better go and watch this movie.. hehe~

oppss.. and thanx to faheem.. ;)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

love letter.. :D

hello guys...
lame x ber-blog.. hehe~

now im at home.. blom stat cuti pon..
saje nk blk.. hehe~

ckp psl love letter.. ade sape2 still gune cara ni ke??
hahaha mmg old school abis.. :P
but cara ni la plg sweet i guess.. kan2??
teringat time2 school dl.. sikit2 surat...
siap ade posmen x bergaji lg.. hehe~

and some of the surat are still in my collection tau..
syg plak nk buang.. tons of memories there.. :D

apsl tibe2 tringat love letter??
my youngest bro received 1.. know how old is he?? 9 years old k!!
haha~ bdk2 skrg mmg advanced..
die tibe2 tunjuk kate die dpt love letter..
at 1st malas nk bace.. then he keep tunjuk the letter..
ok2 bace la ni i said..
ceh kpd sayangku.. haha~
from tuuuuuut~ the girl's name la.. :P

not too much words.. tp ayat die mmg klakar..
dont rmmber much.. tp lebih kurang cmni la..

kita putus.. sebab awk asyik memikirkan Fatimah.. bla bla bla..

i laughed like i dunno till i cant breath i think..
my mom always said that my bro asyik ckp psl Fatimah..
*dunno who is she anyway..* :P

xtau la plak die nk "hot guy" kat sekolah..
igt kn bdk nakal jer.. hehe~
tp mmg klakar la tgk surat tue.. haha~

Thursday, October 22, 2009

im dying~

title mcm pe jer kan..

tp seyes mmg tgh 'dying' pon.. letih sgt.. huhu~
org study week, study la..
but ak mcm2 kene wat..
ngn assignment nye FYP nye.. huhu~
menci2..!!! >.<

Sunday, October 18, 2009


morning2.. :D
happy sunday.. hehe~
emmm ape nk wat ek arini.. :P

haa pg td borak wit my fren..
now she stay at ohio.. and married..
and now she pregnant!!! hehe~
x sangka.. da la she younger 1 year than me.. :)

but im happy for her..
ktorg borak2 psl pregnancy die..
excited sgt die cite.. smpai ak pon rs excited lak dgr die cite..
hehe~ cmne la agk nye time ak nnt ea..

opppss lmbt lg la.. calon pon xde.. hahaha~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

fyp presentation~

lega nye da abis present.. :D

smlm was my fyp proposal presentation..
huhu~ cuak giler..
seriously i nervous like... urrrghhh dunno how to describe that feeling..
i nvr felt like that..
its like giler2 punye nervous.. smpai rs nk muntah2.. huhu~

& im the first presenter for morning session.. huhu~
lg la cuak..

but alhamdulillah everything ok..
i took about 15min to present my slide and Q&A took about almost 25min.. haha~
lame giler kan?? :P
siap debat lg ngn penilai tue..
geram plak bl kite jwb then die mcm x puas ati ngn our ans..
da tue pegi show kt die journal that refer to..
haa~ br die ckp oooo ok2.. ic.. hehe~

at the end of presentation, i ask him how my project..
did i need to change anything or what..
then he said nothing.. he juz wanna knw my understanding on my project..
and lastly he said ok good work.. haha~
happy!!!! :D

so first part is done.. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMG~!! =O

current time : 12.11am

waaahhh sooo damn tired!!!! >.<
br blk dr training ni.. huhu~
letih nye..

wanna ask u guys..
pe korg akan buat if korg terserempak ngn org y klu blh korg xnk terserempak..
bkn sbb gaduh or wat..
tp more sbb rs cm bersalah...

ak terserempak ngn coach lawn bowl dl..
ok jer greet diorg sume..
borak cikit2..

tp y x best terserempak ms ak tgh training boling..
*diorg ade game boling kt situ..*
ak xnk nnt diorg tnye x main lawn bowl da ke..
like mcm serba salah plak.. huhu~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

tired weekend~

hye guys~
weekend ni penat sgt..
started from friday..
kls pg until afternoon..
after cls continue on slide for fyp presentation..
at 5pm present slide kt supervisor.. smpai kul7..
then x blk bilik but straight g my friend's room.. coz kul 8 kene training boling..
abis training br g dinner.. around 12 br smpai bilik..

weekend ni gak klj ak wat open day..
cm thn2 sblm ni, name die FESTAR..
but this year they change the name to FIGURA..
mule igt cm mls nk join.. then dgr ade derma darah, g la join.. hehe~
so on saturday morning g derma darah..
its not my first time.. im happy dpt derma coz mmg lame nk derma but ade jer prob..
so bl dpt derma like best la.. hehe~
and the doc quite cute.. hehe~

after donate blood, g join computer game's competition..
3 games i played.. hehe~ sajer..
then the boss is my fren.. so main jela.. ;)

ptg tue ade game badminton..
my fren masuk.. pastu tah cmne tah nk join plak..
so main la beregu wit my fren.. hehe~
abis jer game, siap2 g kuar..
ala dekat jer.. jusco tmn u..
cari stuffs then dinner..
pastu blk la.. ;)

seriously, smpai blk jer mmg letih y amat!!!
yela 2 days non-stop..
tp rs satisfied giler.. :D

mmbe2 mrah gak nk main badminton ptg tue..
coz kn br jer donate blood that morning..
ptg tue mmg la ok.. juz xleh main straight game jer..
mlm nye stat la rs sakit cikit kt tmpt cucuk tue..

donate kt tgn kanan & im right-hand person..
main badminton tgn kanan.. sume tgn kanan..
mlm tue my rumate y tlg angkat brg..
coz my right hand mmg xleh nk angkat pe dah.. hehe~

but overall weekend mmg best..
plus dgn keje x wat nye.. hmmm xpe2..
after this continue struggle..
btw, wish me luck!!!
friday, 16 oct, my fyp proposal's presentation.. ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

'jejak kasih'~

morning peps!!!!!!
yee finally trase nk blog blk.. hehe~

alhamdulillah skrg da sihat..
juz tggl batuk2 cikit.. then my voice da ade.. hehe~
seksa tol time xde suare.. :P

u guys penah x kene situation cmni..
borak2 punye borak, rupe nye die dekat ngn korg..
penah kene x??
me 2x kene.. hehe~

due2 same fakulti with me..
y sorg tue lg la 1 department lg.. haha~
tp x penah plak nmpk kt fakulti.. :P

rs funny plak.. hehe~
slalu cmni.. knl org tue ikut jln jauh.. padahal die sblh kite jer..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new moon

morning guys..
i wake up this morning and my voice is missing..!!
yes i hve sore throat.. and yesterday i hve blended choc!!!
waaahhh i feel menyesal..!! >.<
but the drink is sooooo yummy!!! hehe~

its look yummy x?? :P

im looking forward for new moon..
its coming this november rite..??
waaaahhh cant wait for it!!! :D

yesterday i bought the book for my sis..
there r 2 ver rite..?? one hve poster and another one dont hve poster..
and i bought the one that hve poster..

im not a person that read this kind of story book..
i mean like harry potter, i did not read the book juz watch the movie..
if i read the book, i cant imagine the situation~ :P

so i try to read the new moon's book..
start from the 1st chapter, feel like OMG cant wait for this movie!!!
and of course i can imagine mybe coz i've seen the twilight..
so kind of hve imagination of the situation.. hehe~

at the poster, there is quote that i like..

it is sooo true..!!!

raye2 plus shoping2.. :P

its kinda soooo long since my last post..
sori guys for not updating my blog..
im kinda bz plus feel lazy to update.. hehe~
there are so much things i want to share wit u guys..
but u know how i am when my 'lazy' time came.. :P

so i juz story what had happened today.. :)
we go beraye at around Tebrau..
heading to my rumate's sister house and we sesat.. hehe~
credit to my rumate coz she forgot already how to go to her sister's house.. :P

then after raye2 drop by at jusco tebrau..
its not a drop by act coz we kinda stay there bout 5hours.. haha~
the main reason wanna find some stuff and one of our friend never reach jusco tebrau yet..
so wanna show her how jusco tebrau is la.. *alasan jer lebih.. haha~*
then we started looking2 around..

suddently my mood shopping came~
and not only me but four of us!! haha~
i bought 2 shirts and 1 pant.. then some stuff..

we r like giler2 kat every shop we went.. thnx god the seller byk sabar.. hehe..
then dinner at secret recipe.. i ordered chicken bleu plus blended choc~
soooo yummy.. *da la sore throat, lagi mau mnum ais.. :P*

its was sooo fun.. coz like soooo long didnt hve fun like this..
after this there are sooooo much works to do!!!!
i feel tense when think bout it..
hopefully i can manage my time.. huhu~