Sunday, October 4, 2009

new moon

morning guys..
i wake up this morning and my voice is missing..!!
yes i hve sore throat.. and yesterday i hve blended choc!!!
waaahhh i feel menyesal..!! >.<
but the drink is sooooo yummy!!! hehe~

its look yummy x?? :P

im looking forward for new moon..
its coming this november rite..??
waaaahhh cant wait for it!!! :D

yesterday i bought the book for my sis..
there r 2 ver rite..?? one hve poster and another one dont hve poster..
and i bought the one that hve poster..

im not a person that read this kind of story book..
i mean like harry potter, i did not read the book juz watch the movie..
if i read the book, i cant imagine the situation~ :P

so i try to read the new moon's book..
start from the 1st chapter, feel like OMG cant wait for this movie!!!
and of course i can imagine mybe coz i've seen the twilight..
so kind of hve imagination of the situation.. hehe~

at the poster, there is quote that i like..

it is sooo true..!!!


~l0li mell0w ~ said...

haa another twilight nerd!!
ya kita skapal haha
lets watch new moon!!
its on nov

oRcHiD said...

yup.. jom fit.. ^^