Saturday, October 17, 2009

fyp presentation~

lega nye da abis present.. :D

smlm was my fyp proposal presentation..
huhu~ cuak giler..
seriously i nervous like... urrrghhh dunno how to describe that feeling..
i nvr felt like that..
its like giler2 punye nervous.. smpai rs nk muntah2.. huhu~

& im the first presenter for morning session.. huhu~
lg la cuak..

but alhamdulillah everything ok..
i took about 15min to present my slide and Q&A took about almost 25min.. haha~
lame giler kan?? :P
siap debat lg ngn penilai tue..
geram plak bl kite jwb then die mcm x puas ati ngn our ans..
da tue pegi show kt die journal that refer to..
haa~ br die ckp oooo ok2.. ic.. hehe~

at the end of presentation, i ask him how my project..
did i need to change anything or what..
then he said nothing.. he juz wanna knw my understanding on my project..
and lastly he said ok good work.. haha~
happy!!!! :D

so first part is done.. *sigh*


KJ-kun said...

semoga dapat presenter terbaik heheh

oRcHiD said...

kj : ni br psm 1 maaa~ ade ke presenter terbaik?? :P

aiko kato said...

i know..bile tgk n dgr org dah pregnant sume..rase cm nk kawen cpt..n hav a 1 big happy family of our own kan??doa kan me happy babe...;p

oRcHiD said...

hehe~ kan2?? tp bl pk blk.. ala mcm takut plak..
i alwayz pray the best for u dear.. :)