Saturday, October 31, 2009

He Just Not Into You

hye guys.. err i knw now it is 2:43am.. haha~
what am i doing at this hour?? hehe~

i juz finish watched movie title "He Just Not Into You"..
really love this movie..
it is sooo true..

those scene are mostly happen to us..
like assume that guy like u after 1st date..
married guy cheated his wife..
a couple who doesnt want to get married..
a guy who stick at the girl he likes but the girl NEVER EVER like him...

all those story are really2 true!!!

and the ending is what im hoping for.. hehe~
i love all the characters..
gosh.. u guys should watch this movie.. :D


ajoy87NF said...

ghajin tgk wyg eyh!?

oRcHiD said...

tgk kat laptop la.. :P