Friday, May 7, 2010

bus~ (~_~)

the bus driver who didnt knw the road..

how come this thing can happen??
if u r the bus driver then u should knw all roads that have..
even thought the road is not in ur route..
am i rite or not??? huhu~

i asked the bus driver, is he going to road P9B.. *my home area..*
then he make this what-are-u-saying face..
i thought he didnt hear what im saying..
so i asked again did he go to road P9B..
with his i-dunno face he said, "jln mane tu?? x penah taw pn.."
that road is juz beside the bus station ok!!! huh!!

teruk r..
juz knw la all roads that have..
in-case ppl wanna take bus but dunno which bus.. huhu~

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st day at work

arini 1st ak sbg seorg PEKERJA~
waaaa bangga lak tbe2.. haha~
arini mmg sgt adventure.. pg2 lg da adventure.. huhu~

plan nk naik bas kul730pg~
then smpai kt sentral almost 730 la..
tnye counter bas kul730 da grak ke~
die ckp da.. grak kul715.. huhu~ pela kate 730 ni 715 lak..
ni nyampah ngn rapid ni.. huhu~
then tggu la bas lain.. ade bas die kate g kl..
mmg bas y kuar dr putrajaya ni akn ke kl but lalu serdang.. *ak nk trun kt serdang..*
ok la ak naik..
tbe2 die kuar ikut jln blkg..
jln blkg sentral ni highway..
ak tny la bas ni g kl kn? diorg ckp yee..
then lalu serdang x? diorg ckp X!! bas tu g kl ikt highway..
aaaa~ ak nk g serdang.. huhu~
korg taw pe bas tu wat??
die stop kt tepi highway tu then sruh ak cross g side sblh sne.. WTH??!!!!!
giler nk sruh ak trun kt tgh2 highway ni???
die kate ade bas akn lalu..
ak pn trun la.. wat pe nk naik.. lain plak tmpt ak g nnt.. huhu~
gigil abis ak!!
yela cross highway y always byk kete tu???? huhu~
nk nangis da time tu..
ak cal bpk ak.. then tbe2 nmpk bas..
ak dr jauh lg da angkat tgn.. nsb baik die brenti.. huhu~
then ak slamat smpai ke office on-time.. :D

disbb kn ak wat praktikal kt situ, so almost sume staff ak knl la..
tp rmai gak staff br..
n they already knw me!! haha~
arini ade 3org new staff including me..
so after intro to other staffs then settle tmpt sume, ak trus msuk meeting..
n trus dpt task.. huhu~
cuak2 ak rs time tu..
meeting lak bkn wit 1 team but only ngn projek manager..
mmg kne focus abis!! hehe~
she ok.. she explain well la bg ak pham flow of projek sume..
then smpai part assign task, ak dpt 1 whole module!!
huhu pengsan2..
ms praktikal dl wat part2 but bile combine almost 1 module gak la.. :P
but sbb kite dpt task cikit2 kn so x trase sgt la heavy die.. huhu~
pg full wit meetings..
da la ak kne pham kn module tu dlm mggu ni gak..
coz domain expert ak on-leave 2weeks stat next week..

but overall ok la today..
siap dpt present lg from bos.. hehe~
hopefully i can do well!!
cayoooookkk!!! ;)