Sunday, December 27, 2009


hye guys..
lame giler x update blog..
mls + bz cikit.. hehe~

im at home..
celebrate krismas wit my fren..
then relative of mine pass away~
n today my classmate got married!!!
yay im tired.. :D

wedding at bangi golf resort..
nice place.. the theme color.. emm not sure..
coz got red, white, yellow~ :P

i love the door gift!!
simple & nice.. ;)

the best part is GATHERING!!!!
whole school i think, came to the wedding..
best sgt2!!!!!
they look different *of course la kn..*
& cikgu pon dtg gak.. hehe~ suke2.. :D

at 1st cuak gak.. coz i move to teknik when i was form4..
so not much i rmember bout them..
but actually they still rmember my face.. *which is soooo good!! :P*

thnx to groom, Mr Ali Imran Sarmin for this mini-gathering.. hehe~
and congratulation!!! :D

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