Saturday, December 12, 2009

aku wanita biasa

hello guys..
its been awhile since my last post kn..

3 - 12 dis got camp kt utm..
sooo tired.. but best gak la..
except for the fitness test... hate it!! >.<

i not in-a-mood to talk bout the camp..
juz suddenly feel lonely..
then listen to song by krisdayanti..
aku wanita biasa..

it sooooo sad~
i think i can cry aftr listen to the song..

my faveret part..
"kadang ku kuat setegar karang,
kadang ku rapuh lemah liar merana.."

its true..
sometime *most of the time i think*
i try to push myself tooo hard..
til i lost myself..

yes.. i miss someone standing by my side..
its not that there is no one standing by my side..
there r lots!!!
and i love all of them..

but sometimes its not what a women want..
i dunno how to put in words..
hope u guys can understand..

God, plz show me the way~ :'(


aiko kato said... a woman..we must kuat matter how rapuh us in the inside..but dont show it on ur face!!kuat2!!~

SyakieraRusli said...

miza chan~!! aku jua wanita biasa, heh~ dan wanita biasa ini mendoakan yg terbaik buatmu dunia akhirat :):):)

oRcHiD said...

thnx girls!!! mmmuuaaahhh!!!

tiha : i try my best to kuat.. :P

kiera : thnx.. ak pon doa kn ko dunia akhirat.. :)

ms.RinaFreaks said...

yeah kinda understand ur feeling :z
but dont let it beat u down k
keep up now!!

oRcHiD said...

thnx fitto-chan.. ^_^