Wednesday, December 2, 2009

picca upload..

location : Terminal One, Seremban
event : PC Fair '09

my bro.. left --> Awie.. right --> Kiki..
both of them look happy rite?? coz each of them will get a laptop!!! @_@
theme of the day --> BLACK.. :P

i bought 4G PNY pendrive.. cute is it?? ^_^

free gift from HP --> mini 1st aid kit!!!! wakakakaa~

odw back to Putrajaya.. kind a ribut.. huhu~

location : in-front Mama's office
event : waiting for Big Mem abis keje

~she ask to pick her at 4.30pm but she got out from office at 5pm!!! grrrrr~ >.<

he love to do face like dis~ :P

jijam getting bored..

me in car and its raining..~

cepat la mama kuar office.. letih menunggu ni~

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