Sunday, November 8, 2009


sape yg suke ngan diorg ni..
dulu kite slalu ckp bout playboy..
but now playgirl plak.. tp playgirl skrg lg dasyat~

i dunno either they wanna b a playgirl or what..
but their behavior exactly like playgirl..

if u dont want him anymore, that's it..!!!
juz go away.. dont treat them like before..
like when u guys still in a relationship..
if girl have heart.. so do guys!!!!

u treat him like he still ur bf..
but when they ask who r they to u, u said juz fren..
but if u hve any prob, u still search for them..
WHAT THE H***!!!!

sometimes malu ngn perangai diorg ni..
what do u guys feel klu ade guys yg mengadu perangai buruk girls kt korg??
mesti a bit shame rite?
so do i~

sometimes i think life is not fair..
we gve soo much love for those who does not feel the same thing for us~
at the end it hurt us a lot!!!

plz la.. dont do thing like this..
if u dont wanna feel hurt, dont hurt anybody..
coz what comes around, goes around~


~l0li mell0w ~ said...

sian kat kawan ko
ko bg r die smgt n kate2 dorongan eh
[poyus x ayat aku??]
ko ambik pngajaran tau!
jgn wat bnd ayg sama

oRcHiD said...

hehe~ dunt wurry k~ hopefully not la.. :P