Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 nov 09

feel sooo tired.. huhu..

today hang out with my aunty & kezen..

we went to OU..

emm its like belated besday celebration from them.. hehe~

we went to TGIF for lunch..

i enjoy except for the last part..

i HATE suprise!! huhu..

some of the TGIF workers came to our table & bring a slide of choc cake..

get some of other customer's attention..

for my besday suprise la ni.. huhu..

feel embrasing that time..

but funny pon ade gak.. hehe..

after that watch new moon..

rating for new moon movie --> 5/10

mybe coz i already read the book.. *some part of the book actually.. :P *

then the movie is not as im expecting.. huhu..

now i officially pronounce that im no longger Edward big fan..

but move to JACOB!!!!

he soooo hot!!! soooo cute... ^_^

cant take my eyes for each scene of him.. hehe~ *melampau abis.. :D*

when he cut his hair.. gosh!! can i take him as my bf?? :P

Jacob!! i love u... wakakakkakaka~

after movie, go find things cikit..

b4 we go back, eat at Delicious... :P

i like the desert.. dun remember its name.. :)

really wanna thank to my aunty & kezen..

i hve good day today!! hehe~

my Jacob.. :P


aiko kato said... matter what..i love edward!!~

oRcHiD said...

haha~ xmau edward da..
die sgt pale.. hehe~
*da nme pon vampire.. hahahaha~*

MeEhaF Le'FaZ said...

Hahahahaha! MIZA GATAL!

Thats good that you had a great time, its kinda like all girls out huh? Its like all boys out..its just so cool!

oRcHiD said...

hehe~ dun wori dear..
u still my no 1.. :P

yup.. and all of us like skepale.. mmg best r.. ;)

SyakieraRusli said...

jacob is mine babe, huhu ;P

oRcHiD said...

somebody wanna stole my Jacob???!!! >.<

~l0li mell0w ~ said...

i like jake to but edward still d king of mine

oRcHiD said...

fit, life is unpredictable.. hehe~ :D