Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dont want to loose u..

current emotion : sad!!!

today i feel no mood at all..!!!

i dunno why.. seriously i dunno why..

i dont feel like eat.. or do things..

juz stay in my room..

watch the same muvi over again..


texted wit A *sori i juz dont feel like wanna bring his name*

he asking the same thing..

is it im mad at him or what..

my ans still same.. "i dont know.."

until i text wit Faheem...

i miss texting wit him..

i miss complaining to him..

i knw he kind of bz..

he will fly to Perth..

ok.. i'm scared..

i'm that scared we might not contact each other again..

im scared im gonna loss my best friend!! :'(

ooohhhhh i feel like crying..

gonna stop writing.. sorry!!! :'((


ajoy87NF said...

approve la fb i... =)

MeEhaF Le'FaZ said...

I read your post and I feel sad too! I texted you and that what I really meant ok! you know that right?iscosystems87

oRcHiD said...

ajoy : nnt ea..

meehaf : iscosystems87??? what is that??

~l0li mell0w ~ said...

huu dont be sad ok
friendship can last through distant!!
ganbarre ne~

oRcHiD said...

fitto-chan : huhu~ thnx..