Friday, May 7, 2010

bus~ (~_~)

the bus driver who didnt knw the road..

how come this thing can happen??
if u r the bus driver then u should knw all roads that have..
even thought the road is not in ur route..
am i rite or not??? huhu~

i asked the bus driver, is he going to road P9B.. *my home area..*
then he make this what-are-u-saying face..
i thought he didnt hear what im saying..
so i asked again did he go to road P9B..
with his i-dunno face he said, "jln mane tu?? x penah taw pn.."
that road is juz beside the bus station ok!!! huh!!

teruk r..
juz knw la all roads that have..
in-case ppl wanna take bus but dunno which bus.. huhu~


Leeya Hezlin said...

ak tau jln ni kt ne..eheheh..
hmm sabar ye cik miza..
sian ko..huhu

Hannah said...

wakakaka..sian tol bus driver tuh babe~

oRcHiD said...

nana : lol~ u kesian kt driver bus tu?? baik kesian kt i.. :P