Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jom Join Contest (menang Couple tee's)

Jom Join Contest~

jom la join.. hehe~
actually this is my 1st time join contest kt blog ni..
usually tlg vote for fren jer..
tibe2 lak nk join contest organize by cik sumi ni.. hehe~

tp x ksah la.. mng ke klh ke adat bertanding..
y penting rs excited nye tu kn.. hehe~

k cik sumi..
this is my feveret pic..

im not sure nk kene pic wit bf o what..
but this is my bff, consultant, pengkritik.. emm byk lg la.. :P

ni present that gve to him krismas aritu..
die nk fly to aus next week..
so saje kasi jurnal kt die.. then i put our pic at back.. ;)
x sangka lak die snap pic ni then send to me.. hehe~
the most important thing, he like it!!!
n sure la i dont him to forget me..

byk nye story.. hehe~
thats all kot.. ;)

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☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

worite.. diterima.. tQ dear..