Wednesday, January 7, 2009

another day

i feel sooo~ BORED!!!!
like days b4, i still didnt get any task.. huh~!
i stat my day by sending an email to my supervisor, ask for a job!
dis my mail look like~

"Morning sir. I’m sorry if I interrupt you.

I feel weird not having any task being assigned to me. So can sir give me something to prepare before the task is given to me."

thnx to my fren,ting, coz help me gve idea 4 dis mail.. aftr i send it to my supervisor, then ting ask me did i really2 send dat mail??? and i said yes..
after that he said gud luck~ then i re-read the email dat i send..
OMG!! i stat to think can i do this..?? then ting juz said wait 4 he to rply..

this is the rply..

"We are in the process of finalising the requirements for our project of which you’ll be a key member and finalising the requirements takes a bit of time. Soon in fact very soon the roles & responsibilities of each project member will be finalised and it will be conveyed to you as well as to others."

huhu~ thnk God he not mad.. ;)
but still i need to wait.. huh~!
so i continue exercise on php dat i working on now..
I NEED A TASK~!!! 0_o


chie~ ^_^ said...


dat's bold~ O_o

Johan said...


but...If I were you, If no works, feel like heaven on earth.. Lagi best, duduk rumah goyang kaki...

Anyway, nice blog!.. keep on blogging..


oRcHiD said...

well u know~

if i as a worker x kisah la..
but i as a trainee, kne la kisah..
nnt sape yg bg mark??? diorg jugak~
anyway, thnx for reading.. ^-^