Thursday, December 18, 2008

tired lol~

4th day of PT..

finally today i can open dis page..
huhuh~ soo tired lol~

on my 2nd day, i got test to develope a clinic registration..
and it need to be done by the next day..
OMG!!! assigment pon a week baru siap..
ni kan plak mini system.. huhuhu~
i need to use php n mysql..
mule2 difficult la.. coz cant remember dreamweaver...
2 days none stop working..

so far kat sini ok la...
diorg pon x kedekut ilmu..
but we need to learn very2 fast!!!
setelah 1bulan otak ni x bekerja, hoooo mmg giler tibe2 kene keje giler2~~~

but its ok... i will try my best here~~
wish me luck!!

p/s: perkembangan t'baru.. bgn pagi2, wat breakfast tuk bwk g office... :p

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